Resource Information…information worth knowing.

Poisoned Fields, 52-minute Documentary on YouTube

What's With Wheat, 80-minute Documentary on YouTube

What's with Wheat? | Cyndi O'Meara | TEDxWilmington on YouTube…ten-minute talk.

Dr. Ted Dupmeier, Large Animal Vet, Swift Current SK. Excellent Case Studies including photos of autopsied animal organs.

Don Huber Interview - Roundup Ready GMOs - PATHOGEN NEW TO SCIENCE, 20-minute interview with Dr. Don Huber, Plant Pathologist.

Dr. Don Huber, Plant Pathologist, 70-minute interview

Dr. Anthony Samsel…10-minute video where Dr. Samsel references how Glyphosate compromised Hoof Integrity.

Carey Gillam, author of Whitewash on Glyphosate, 27-minute video with Investigative Journalist.

Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science by Carey Gillam.

GMOs Fed to Livestock–What This Farmer Saw!, 3-minute video with Iowa Farmer Howard Vlieger.

Howard Vlieger & Dr. Don Huber

America's Two-Headed Pig: Treating Nutritional Deficiencies and Disease in a Genetically Modified, Antibiotic Resistant, and Pesticide Dependent World, excellent book by Leah Dunham and Dr. Art Dunham.

Genetically Engineered Crops, Glyphosate and the Deterioration of Health in the United States of America. By Dr. Nancy Swanson et al. Journal of Organic Systems, Scientific Paper available at multiple locations on web.

Environmental Health Effects of the Herbicide Glyphosate. By Dr. Van Bruggen, et al of the Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida.