In My Opinion…     
Is What Is Good for the Horse Also Good for the Human?

Having witnessed significant improvement in horse health from the removal of Chemically Contaminated livestock feed I thought I would see if I could also benefit.

Within the first 30 days some of the amazing health benefits I experienced include…

  1. Elimination of Digestive Discomfort
  2. Elimination of Systemic Body Pain
  3. Improved Flexibility
  4. Elimination of Joint Pain
  5. Dramatically Improved Lung Capacity
  6. Improved Eyesight
  7. Renewed Vitality and Increased Energy
  8. Stronger, healthier finger nails!
  9. Elimination of itchy skin

In addition, within a 90-day period my A1C (blood sugar) was reduced by 18%. Within 150 days my A1C was reduced by 24.6%.

The realization that I have arrived at is that for decades I have been poisoning myself by eating foods that contain the residue of Chemical Weed Killers including a toxic stew of Glyphosate, Arsenic, POEA, Oxalates and other elements that compose the formulation. Now that I have eliminated those foods from my diet I am a Brand New Man!

The trend among many is to want to add something to enhance health. That is what the whole Chemical Drug and Supplement Industry is all about. Products and Profits. My personal experience is that by removing something…Weed Killer…from my diet I have experienced transformational improvements in my health …Ross Buchanan

UPDATE…continue to hear similar benefits from others who have removed Glyphosate Based Herbicides from their diets.